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Mon, Sep 20, 2010

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As we told you yesterday, FarmVille is one again holding a Sweet Seeds for Haiti event that will see users collecting School Supplies in order to fill their virtual Backpacks and receive free prizes. In addition to this, another Sweet Seeds for Haiti crop is once again available to grow in the marketplace for a limited time, along with a new Co-Op Job that accompanies it. Finally, the German theme of items has expanded with quite a few new options for your shopping pleasure.

Sweet Seeds For Haiti Crop and Co-Op Job Now Available

For this round of Zynga’s Sweet Seeds for Haiti campaign, users will be able to purchase a license to grow Sweet Beets. The Sweet Beet permit is available at three prices, depending on how much Farm Cash (or the real world cash equivalent) you would like to donate to the charity, which is helping to build a K-12 school for the most extremely impoverished children of Haiti.

You can purchase the seed permit for 25 Farm Cash, 55 Farm Cash, or 240 Farm Cash. All donors, regardless of contribution, receive a 1-week permit to purchase and plant as many Sweet Beets as they’d like. The Beets themselves cost 10 coins per square to plant, and are ready to harvest after 6 hours for 125 coins each. You’ll gain 3 experience points for every square of the beets that you plant.

The Sweet Beets may be a limited crop, but they are able to be mastered, and they will never wither, no matter how long you leave them on your farm unattended. Zynga will donate 100% of the proceeds from the sales of Sweet Beets permits o the School of Choice program in Haiti.

In addition to being available in the game’s marketplace, the Sweet Beets have also found a home in a new Co-Op Farming Job entitled “Sowing Seeds for Haiti.” This job, as you might have guessed, requires you to grow nothing but Sweet Beets. If you can grow 1,000 of them within 23 hours and 2 minutes, you’ll receive the Gold Reward of 390 coins, 440 experience points, and a Haiti Seeder vehicle.

There are only 13 days left to start the Co-Op Job, so be sure to start it as soon as you purchase your Sweet Beets permit to have the best chance of completing it at the Gold Reward level.

New German Decorations Now Available

A new wave of German items has made its way into the game’s store, with new items being available on the Animals, Buildings, and Decorations tabs of the marketplace.

The new animal is the Reitpony, which is available for 24 Farm Cash. It can be harvested from every 3 days.

The new buildings are the German Home and Tailor Shop, both of which are available to purchase with Farm Cash. The German Home is available for 36 Farm Cash, while the Tailor Shop costs slightly less, at 34 Farm Cash.

Finally, the new decorations are the Majestic Fountain, Beech Tree, Market Table Set, and Porcelain Vase. The Majestic Fountain and Beech Tree are premium items, setting you back 22 or 4 Farm Cash, respectively, while the Market Table Set costs 40,000 coins, and the Porcelain Vase (a larger item that it appears to be) costs 7,000 coins.

These items will be available in the game for the next ten days. Head over to FarmVille on Facebook to take a look at the full selection of German items for yourself.

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