German Festival Items, Garden Mystery Game – FarmVille Updates!

Thu, Sep 30, 2010

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The German theme in FarmVille has taken on a bit of a different focus this week. While we still see the addition of some traditional German animals in the theme, the buildings and decorations are in a new “festival” sub-theme of sorts, that goes along with Oktoberfest. In addition, the Mystery Game has been updated with a new variety of Garden-themed items.

Throw A German Festival With New Items

Before we discuss the festival-related items, we’ll first need to talk about the two new animals that are available. The first is the Black Pied Pig, which costs 18 Farm Cash and can be harvested from every 2 days, while an Alpine Goat is available for 14 Farm Cash that can be collected from every 3 days.

For the new Buildings, we see the Festival theme take hold, with a Festival Wheel and Festival Tent, both available for Farm Cash. The Festival Wheel is a ferris wheel available to purchase for 38 Farm Cash, while the Festival Tent looks like a rectangular circus tent of sorts. It costs 34 Farm Cash to add to your farm.

Finally, the new decorative items are the Festival Carriage, German Gnome, Festival Gnome, Festival Pavilion and Cider Stand. The Carriage and both gnomes cost Farm Cash, at 22 Farm Cash for the Carriage and 18 for either Gnome (each). Finally, the Festival Pavilion costs 240,000 coins, and the Cider Stand costs 120,000 coins. Remember, for making a splurge on either of these coin items, you will receive a portion of the cost back in experience points – 2400 points for the Pavilion and 1200 for the Cider Stand.

These items will be available in the game for around the next nine days.

Mystery Game Now Offers Backyard / Garden-Themed Items

It’s a new week which means that a new Mystery Game is available to play in FarmVille. You’ll be able to throw a dart at the balloon board for a chance to win a prize for 16 Farm Cash.

The items available are the Backyard Pool, Backyard Deck (pictured), Backyard Cottage, Opossum, Trellis Swing, and Raccoon.

This Mystery Game will only be available until next week, when a new theme will take over, so be sure to head over to FarmVille on Facebook for a chance to win these items before they’re gone!

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