Gaming in Paradise – PetVille’s Magic Door to Tahiki is Just Begging to Be Unlocked

Fri, May 28, 2010

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As we told you earlier in the week, PetVille developer Zynga has been developing a Magic Door to Tahiki, that all users (level 10 and above) would be able to access through their home’s attic. Well, the time has come to start unlocking that door, but you’ll need the help of some friends to do it.

The magical door to Tahiki is locked with a series of 10 colored locks, and you’ll need colored keys to open them. Luckily, you’ll receive one free key just for attempting the event, and you’ll find it lying on the floor of your attic.

Once you use this first lock, you’ll be able to post a call for help on your wall asking your PetVille neighbors to send you more keys. Conversely, you can initiate the key gift-giving by heading over to the game’s free gifts page and choosing one of the colored keys there.

These keys can be gifted in the same way that any other free gift can be, and can be returned just as quickly by those you send them too (if they choose to take advantage of the “send a gift back” link that appears when accepting their gift). Note that there are more colors of keys than each user will have available on their free gifts page, so you’ll need the help of more than one friend to unlock all ten locks.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a beach towel, put on your bathing suit and prepare to step into the beautiful sands of Tahiki – collect those ten keys and make your way to PetVille’s version of paradise!

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