GamersGate is Tired of Compiling Indie Bundles for You

Mon, Sep 10, 2012

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You know what, indie gamers? Your laziness is really getting on everyone’s nerves. There you sit, month after month, letting everyone else come up with helpful lists of games you should be playing — relying on the generosity of the Humble Indie Bundle or Indie Royale to tell you what’s good. Well, no more. Online game store GamersGate is perfectly willing to bundle you up some indie games at a nice price, but you slackers need to come up with your own dang catalog.

To that end, they’re now offering IndieFort Bundle #3, where you can buy 3, 6, or 9 indie PC titles at once, for $4, $7, or $9 respectively. The catch is that there are 24 available games to put in your bundle, and you get to pick which ones you’re buying. That’s right – actual research and effort is involved. I’m sure you’re now shaking in your lazy little boots.

So, if you’ve got a yen for more indie gaming, and you’re sick of having your hand held, well, here’s a bundle for those of us who care. Enjoy!

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