Gameloft Cuts the Tease, Unveils a Sharp but Unsurprising Trailer

Fri, Aug 10, 2012

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Fair or not, Gameloft’s software will always be judged primarily by how closely it resembles that of its contemporaries. When the French developer posted an ominous teaser image for a new project on its Facebook page a few days ago, we immediately compared it to God of War and a few other well-known titles. Now that Gameloft has drawn back the curtains and released a proper trailer, the world is greeting it with a common, lackadaisical refrain: “Oh. So it’s like Infinity Blade.”

On the surface, the reception to Wild Blood, as it’s now known, seems apathetic if not negative. It’s true: in just over 30 seconds of footage, the trailer does give unmistakably familiar vibe to fans of Epic Games’ action-RPG series. It’s something about the sweeping vistas, the lonely warrior with his back to the screen, the call to “relive history” — it’s all an old song and dance. The fat logo for Unreal Engine, exciting though it may be, doesn’t help Wild Blood’s case here.

But like most Gameloft titles, Wild Blood also looks like a completely competent and engaging product — if, of course, you remove that comparative context. I imagine that most folks will have trouble with that. Just take a look at the first few comments on the trailer’s YouTube page. (Head over there if you just want a good chuckle, too.)

Publishers are usually hounded for releasing trailers that don’t feature direct and uncensored gameplay, but Gameloft might actually be dodging a bullet by holding its cards close to the vest. Personally, I can’t call the game a rip-off until I see it in action. In the meantime, it looks like another solidly constructed, if unremarkable title from a company that churns them out like a candy factory.

Wild Blade is coming to iOS and Android devices, but Gameloft hasn’t confirmed a release date.

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