GameKlip Brings DualShock Controllers to Android

Wed, Aug 8, 2012

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Android may be one the most prevalent operating systems in the world, but it has one massive obstacle to being a premier gaming platform: from tablets to phones, most Android devices have terrible controls. Unless the game has been built from the ground up with touch-screens and gyroscopes in mind — and not buttons or joysticks — maneuvering around the average Android title is an exercise in misery. “What about virtual buttons?”, one might ask. Unless you want to block the screen and continually forget where your thumbs are, they’re no solution.

Frustrated Android gamers can now breathe a sigh of relief, thanks to the GameKlip. As a marked improvement over a wad of duct tape and wires, the nifty device latches onto a variety of phones and features a customized grip for a DualShock 3. That’s right — your eager little hands can wrap around a familiar controller, not an off-putting aftermarket alternative.

Some phones, like the Xperia PLAY from Sony Ericsson, have attempted to port console-style controls to Android devices by flattening joysticks and cramming buttons down to an area the size of a quarter. But in the continuing battle to make the console experience portable, the GameKlip shows that the best solution may be to actually bring part of the console with you.

Android players already have access to hundreds of excellent games that, ironically, are all but unplayable with the devices they use. If concepts like GameKlip take off, perhaps more people will see Android as the stunningly diverse platform that it is.

Ladies and gentlemen, charge up your DualShocks. The GameKlip is available for about $20.

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