GameHouse Launches Social Gaming Platform

Wed, May 5, 2010

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RealNetworks’ GameHouse Fusion social gaming platform can be most easily described as combining the social elements of Facebook with the social games found on a mass amount of websites or even mobile phones.

“The social game space is exploding, but it’s exploding in silos,” said Matt Hulett, chief revenue officer at RealNetworks’ GameHouse division, as reported by GamesBeat. “The different experiences on different platforms don’t talk to each other. The social network games don’t link to the same games on the web or mobile phones.”

Take even MySpace and Facebook games as examples – sure, you can play many of the same games and receive mostly the same experiences on both sites, but you’re stuck within that site. You can’t visit the games associated with your MySpace friends’ profile from Facebook, just as you can’t visit your Facebook profile’s games from MySpace.

However, GameHouse changes this. Hulett gave the example of a user who could play a game online and share his or her high score online with a friend, only to be notified via their phone that their high score had been passed.

GameHouse is set to reach 50 million players across a wide variety of social gaming portals, including MySpace and even Comcast. Using GameHouse, those formerly limited players will receive instant access to thousands of socially connected games.

The first application to make use of GameHouse is GameHouse for Facebook, an application containing over 1,000 games, accessible via the single app.

This is similar to a system released by companies like, who we told you last month released a Facebook app of their own, allowing players to link their Facebook accounts with their accounts to play a selection of Pogo’s top games from within Facebook, and receive the social elements provided by the platform therein.

GameHouse’s partners thus far include Comcast, Mattel, Qualcomm, and even PopCap Games. If you’d like to see what the system looks like in action, head over to the GameHouse app on Facebook.

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