Fuse Aims to De-Confuse iPhone App Store

Tue, Feb 22, 2011

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How many of you enjoy playing terrific games on your iPhone? Wow, a lot of you raised your hands. Okay, now, how many of you love playing seemingly random games because the App Store’s terrible interface makes it impossible to check out the cool new stuff or find out about new titles? Hmm, not so many.

Developers feel the same way; it’s not a lot of fun to sink your heart and soul into a great new app, and then simply hope it gets noticed in the boggling and crowded marketplace that is the App Store. Enter Fuse, a new iOS publishing platform and TriplePoint client with a dizzying array of analytical tools designed to take the struggles and guesswork out of app releases.

The heart of Fuse’s just-released publishing platform is its control dashboard, a layout that provides developers with… well, let’s let VentureBeat explain:

The dashboard collects data on downloads, player behavior, bugs, in-app purchases and lets developers control community engagement features. The latter includes push notifications,  life pop-up notices, ratings requests, email support forms, news and updates.

I barely understood a word of that. So, if I were a developer, I think it would be extremely nice if I didn’t have to worry about that stuff myself. Thanks, Fuse!

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