Frontierville Walkthrough: Tips & Tricks to Tame Your Wilderness

Fri, Jun 25, 2010

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The good guys and gals over at Gamezebo have a new walkthrough for Zynga’s latest hit, Frontierville. For all you Facebook gamers looking to make your mark on the wild wild west, check out this getting-started guide and follow Gamezebo’s alerts for updates on new tips, tricks and cheats to come.

You’ll be taming the wilderness, chopping trees, slaying snakes, farming, ranching and completing quests in no time – Daniel Boone himself would be jealous!

Live Your Adventure

With a little help from Frontier Jack, a storyline exists within the game to guide you on what to do next. But, this is your adventure! Here is a rundown of tools that you will be using throughout the game. Use the screenshot below as reference.


All status and progress bars are found on top. From left to right, you have the following:

  • Coins – indicates how many coins you have and used to purchase items from the market
  • Wood – shows how much wood you’ve collected from chopping trees
  • Food – number of food points for you to purchase meals to increase your energy
  • Energy – how much energy points left for you to do activities and 1 point is refilled every 3 minutes
  • Experience Level – what level you are at and points you need to reach the next one

Below that, the icons at the left show the number of horseshoes you have, which is used to purchase special items; quest icons, which you need to fulfill to help you move forward within the storyline; and the gift box to send (or receive) gifts.

The right side consists of the main icons: My Tools, Cancel, Market and My Stuff. Special actions such as move, rotate, delete and tend are found under the My Tools icon. These are used when you need to organize items and need to tend to your town. Canceling a current action can be done through the Cancel icon. Opening the Market will allow you to purchase crops, decorations, buildings, trees, animals and meals.


The My Stuff icon will show the gifts that you receive from friends, inventory items used for building and living your family life, your family album where you can find all your avatars to customize, and chest of collections that lists items you found and exchange rewards for.


Just above your neighbor list, you will find your Homestead’s name, which includes a small sun icon beside it that acts as the “tip of the day”.

Customize Your Avatar

When you start the game, it will give you a chance to customize your look. Choose your gender, clothes, hair and skin color, facial features and if you’re a girl, then put some blush on. You can also click on the Random button to scroll through “ready to wear” avatars.


You can, however, do this a later time. At any point, you can click on the My Stuff icon and open the Family Album to change your look.


Tame the Wilderness

In order to start building a small civilization, you need space to plant crops, have livestock, grow trees and add decorations. To do this, you need to “tame the wilderness” and make it more livable.

Start clearing some grass, rocks, wild flowers and skulls. Chop down some trees. Each activity will give you experience points and some coins. At times, a collection item will appear which you can add to your stash and food points.


Here’s a tip when chopping trees: As time goes by, these trees will grow and reach its maximum size. To get more wood, focus on cutting down fully grown trees. Leave the young ones until they are ready. As of this writing, a full grown oak tree will take 12 chops and 8 for a pine tree.

Defend your Land

Living in the wilderness has its downside. Snakes, groundhogs and bears appear to scare livestock and ruin crops. You need to defend your land by clobbering them. It takes several punches for them to leave but reward you more for your effort.

Take note that when they appear, items near them will turn red. In this case, some of the grass and rocks are now in the “danger zone”. If you try to clear these items while the snake is still there, you will lose an extra energy point.


Get rid of them first then do your activities as normal.

Farm and Ranch Management

Living in the wild will mean fending for yourself and there is a need to grow your own crops and grow livestock. You can have both a farm and a ranch in the game.

To start planting crops, there is no need to dig plots. Going to the market and choosing your crop will automatically plant them (plot included). Make sure you have space dedicated to your farm. Place fences around it. Mouse over growing crops to know the harvest time. When they’re ready, harvesting them will clear the land. Remember that it will wither if not harvested in time, however, you still get a few coins, so it’s still not a total waste.


Having animals will mean feeding them ever so often. Each animal has its “harvest time” which really means they need to be fed at that point.

Each time you feed your animals and harvest crops, you are rewarded with points or coins. Remember that you also lose one energy point for each task except when you plant.

Fulfill Quests

Interestingly enough, most quests that appear in the game is connected to the main storyline. The benefit of fulfilling them (other than being curious on how the story unfolds) is getting more rewards and leveling up faster.

Some quests need several steps to be completed. Say, getting married will mean preparing your farm, increase your wealth, and adding more decorations.

All together now… “Thanks Gamezebo!” Read more on Frontierville in their full guide here.

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    Very nice game to play but it would be nice to be able to send gifts to our neighbors more often and be able to get the tools we need for building. I've only been able to do that at the start.

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    I want to now if thorns will grow back

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    I love frontierville! The only problem is finishing buildings, its so hard! Thanks for all the help with the game though

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