FrontierVille Varmint Cannons / Foundry Now Available [UPDATE]

Fri, Aug 27, 2010

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Just yesterday, we brought you the news that Zynga would soon be releasing Varmint Cannons into FrontierVille. At the time, all we knew was that these cannons would give us a way to easily and quickly remove those pesky varmints from our Homesteads without wasting precious energy to do so.

Now, the feature is slowly being rolled out to all users, and we have all the details for how you can get these critters out of your hair, once and for all. Please note that details concerning this feature can change as Zynga rolls the feature out to all players (it has only been active for a few hours, as of this writing). If such a thing happens, we will update this space to offer the most correct information possible.

You’ll know that you have access to the Varmint Cannons if you receive a pop-up like the one above introducing the feature (if you don’t see it, please be patient, as you will receive the cannons soon). You’ll be able to click on the “Go To Market” button to see that unlocking Varmint Cannons is actually part of a new quest tree containing five quests, to be exact.

For those of you who have attempted the FrontierVille land expansion quests, you’ll know how this works, as the Cannon Quest is available to purchase from the game’s store for 5,000 coins. Once you purchase the Cannon Quest series, the first quest will appear on the left side of your screen, alongside your other currently active quests.

The first quest is called “Build a Foundry,” and, as you might have guessed, the main portion of this quest revolves around building the new Foundry building. You’ll also have to craft one Saltpeter (as part of the poo collection), and craft one fire (done in the covered wagon).

The Foundry base is available to purchase from the game’s store, just as you would any other building. However, you’ll have to add five neighbors before you can buy it. We’ve tested this on several accounts, ranging in levels from low to high, and they all require an additional five neighbors. Once you have enough neighbors, the base costs 47,500 coins [UPDATE: The base now costs 50,000 coins to purchase - we apologize for the confusion] and 50 wood to add to your Homestead.

[UPDATE: The base can be built in 25 whacks, with each whack costing a single energy point and 10 wood. This is a total of 250 wood to build the entire frame, and 25 energy. You'll earn 2 experience points for each whack of the hammer on the frame, for a total of 50 experience points received during the building process.]

You’ll need to collect 25 ingredients in total; five each of five different ingredients: Windows, Cement, Pegs, Mallets, and Shingles. [UPDATE: See image below. When you complete the first quest, you'll earn 500 coins and 100 experience points as a reward.]

The second quest asks you to craft or buy one Powder Keg, with Powder Kegs being available to purchase from the market for 1 Horseshoe each (groups of 5 Powder Kegs are available for 4 Horseshoes per bundle), or being able to be crafted in the new Foundry. [UPDATE: They can be crafted with one Saltpeter, and five fire, as seen in the new image below.]

These Powder Kegs, as you might have guessed, will allow you to fire your new cannons, with a new cannon being available for each type of varmint in the game: the Snake, Groundhog, Bear and Fox, with images of the completed cannons being seen below.

The second quest also asks you to collect ten insurance waivers, and buy a Snake Cannon.

[UPDATE: Insurance Waivers can be earned by clicking on the "Ask Friends" button, as seen in the screenshot above. This posts a wall post to your wall, as seen below, asking your friends to send you a Waiver. When they do so, they will receive a free Waiver as well as a reward.]

[UPDATE: From there, you can purchase the Snake Cannon outright for 5,000 coins, as seen below. When you finish the second quest, you will earn three Powder Kegs and 100 experience points as a reward.]

Moving on, the third quest out of the five will ask you to clear one skull from your land, fire your newly acquired Snake Cannon [UPDATE: You must shoot it twice, and you, of course, must have a snake to fire at before you can use it. Clear rocks and skulls to bring them out] (remember, that will require a Powder Keg), and place one bucket on your land.

The fourth quest will ask you to harvest 10 crops and fire the Groundhog Cannon (this would, of course, require you to first buy the Groundhog Cannon on your own time, for 30,000 coins), along with buying a pitchfork from the market.

Finally, the fifth quest will ask you to feed ten geese, fire the Fox Cannon, and collect ten scrap metal parts. Just as with the insurance waivers, information regarding the scrap metal pieces is as-of-now unavailable, but we’ll update this space when we know more.

As an added bonus, if you construct the Foundry, you’ll be able to take part in the new Foundry Collection, requiring you to collect five new items: A Furnace, Ladle, Casting Mold, Slack Tub, and Tongs. The reward for the collection is a Powder Keg, the importance of which we spoke of earlier.

As we said above, this is an exciting new feature in FrontierVille, and we’ll be sure to bring you the rest of the details concerning the Foundry and Varmint Cannons as it becomes available. If you’ve already progressed past the first quest and have screenshots you’d like to share with the community, send them to brandy at friskymongoose dot com and we’ll feature them here!

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