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Mon, Jul 12, 2010

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Last month we brought you a getting-started guide for Zynga’s latest hit, Frontierville. Now we’re pulling a hot and fresh new batch of game strategies out of the cooker to help you conquer the wild west, courtesy of a new compilation of tips & tricks from Gamezebo.

Read on to find game strategies and tips, level and currency information, tricks to maximize/conserve XP and energy, tips to find more neighbors, info on goals, marriage, Varmints, buildings, crafting, farm animals, crops, bonuses and much more.

Whether you’ve just begun clearing land, or you’ve been ranching for months, here’s some sound advice to up your game in Frontierville. Do you have any tips or tricks that aren’t listed here? Let us know how you tame the wilderness in the comments below!

Game Strategies and Tips

  • Your best strategy to do well in Frontierville is to have as many Neighbors as possible. (See “Strategies to increase Neighbors” below)
  • You will earn many bonuses from Neighbors visiting you and you visiting them.
  • Many items require you to have a certain number of levels unlocked before you can use them.
  • Try to start out with at least 12 Neighbors which will unlock items for you to level 15.
  • TIP - As soon as you perform an action and your bonus coins and XP, and resource items appear click on them as fast as possible. There is a meter in the upper right hand corner of the game screen that gives you a 5 coin bonus every time you click on all the items before that meter fills up which is just a brief few seconds so be fast!
  • TIP – When you see a Frontierville post on the live feeds be sure to look directly under it for “Show “?” Similar Posts” and click on that link which will cause all available Frontierville Live Feed posts posted by your Neighbors to line up all at once. (This eliminates your having to hunt for them over several pages. (This works for any game on Facebook.) Now all you have to do is go down the line and collect all the bonus money, supplies and XP!
  • TIP - There are bonuses everywhere you look on the live feeds. Be sure to post these for your Neighbors and to search the live feeds for bonuses a few times a day if possible. Food bonuses are critical because without energy you can’t do anything. If you are very low on energy check to see how close you are to reaching the next level. Clicking on several XP bonuses could cause you to level up which means a completely replenished energy meter. The game gives you several ways to solve problems. If you need energy you can wait until it regenerates, request it from friends, purchase it with horseshoes, or go to the live feeds and look for bonus offers.
  • TIP - You are allowed to gift 30 free gifts per day. Make it priority 1 to send every gift out that you can each day. If you have more than 30 Neighbors then rotate them. It is imperative that you send items so that others will send back to you. Keep a pen and paper handy and jot down what people really want. If you send them what they really need they are more likely to respond to you when you request items.
  • The most valuable gifts are FOOD (energy), Hammers, Nails, Hand Drills, Bricks and Paint. You need TONS of building supplies to complete things and it gets harder and harder as you go along. Anticipate several buildings as you level up.
  • Do NOT build any buildings until you are asked to in a quest. The game has a nice flow to it if you follow the quest list (top left corner) if you jump ahead and use energy and resources for items that aren’t asked of you it will delay your ability to level up. Some quests require that you purchase a specific building to complete it.
  • TIP - Many people choose to gift ribbons (especially to higher level players) but it appears they aren’t needed as much as it seems. You will need about 12 Ribbons for the school Marm and after you get Married you will not need ribbons until it is time for your child’s first birthday. Focus on sending energy to players as overall this will give them the most benefit.
  • EXCELLENT TIP -Varmints do NOT move! Since you can move things, move crops away from varmints when they appear. For example when a groundhog is trying to get at your crop move it away from him and do not do anything to the groundhog until you are finished harvesting for the challenge. Only ONE varmint at a time can appear in the game. If you just leave him alone, you can get a lot of work done while not having to worry if more are going to appear. They earn you a lot of bonus coins but they also use up a ton of your energy. The area affected by a varmint is 2 squares in all directions. (See “Varmints”for more information.)
  • IMPORTANT TIP - When you do an activity and the coins, XP stars, and the occasional collection item pops out it is critical that you click on the collection item to get credit for it. You actually do not have to click on any of these items when they pop up (Some players may like to just leave them to fade) but take note that if you do click on them quickly before the bonus meter at the top right of the screen fills up you will be given a coin bonus. If you leave the items on the ground they will eventually fade away, but you WILL get credit for them. If a collection item fades away because you did not click on it, you will NOT get credit for it. So be sure to click on all items right away and you will end up with more money overall and your collection items will not be lost.
  • TIP - If you lose a family member, you can summons them with the dinner bell/triangle or you can click on their icon to “Custom” in the family album. This makes them the active avatar. Then you can move them. However, they will go back to the LAST task they did when you reload. So if you want them moved, you had better give them something to do.
  • TIP - If a varmint is stuck behind something or if you can’t see it, try zooming your playing field and SLOWLY moving your cursor to the area to see if you can maybe get to it. Sometimes you get lucky and can find a tiny spot where you can get to the varmint without having to pay double to chop down a tree to get at it.
  • IMPORTANT TIP – Do NOT cut or clear your Neighbor’s Cacti or Thorns!!! If they have not completed the challenge where those are involved you are going to have some very unhappy Neighbors when they realize they NEED them. The same applies to you as a player. Do NOT cut down your thorns or Cacti until AFTER you complete the challenge that calls for clearing them. Cacti and Thorns will grow back but it takes a very long time and will hold up your game significantly. You could purchase them with Horseshoes but if you can use this tip to avoid cutting them in the first place you will have saved yourself a lot of frustration!
  • TIP - Take advantage of the “begging” post for building supplies. When you finish whacking the frame, if you click on the building it shows you what you need. You can ask twice a day for ANY building supply while you are actively working on a building.
  • TIP - Help your neighbors by sending them building supplies or energy from the “begging posts”. Those are the orange ones for supplies or the one with the lightning bolt saying you have run out of energy. You get 50 of these a day. They do NOT count as part of your 30 gifts you can accept. Those are a separate stream of gifts.
  • TIP – Higher level players may have small uncleared areas on their frontier. Chances are they WANT those areas so leave them alone. Normally there are crops you can water, fruit you can collect, critters you can feed so there is plenty you can get done when you go visiting. If you see withered crops, those are helpful to tend because unless you have an “Unwither crops” in your inventory, you personally can’t do anything but clear them.
  • TIP -Once you have a spouse and/or Children you can assign any of them to be the active Avatar and they will be the one to do the chores. To change to a different active avatar click on “My Stuff” in the lower right corner menu then on “Family Album” click on the character you wish to do the work and you should see the silver star appear above their head to indicate the change was successful.
  • TIP - Do NOT let your crops wither if at all possible. Not only will you lose the money you invested in the crop and the profit, you will have to spend valuable energy removing the withered plants from the land unless you have Neighbors that are kind enough to revive them for you. Once revived they will wilt again once the allotted time has passed so check back frequently.
  • When Clobbering Varmints to get them to leave the Homestead watch carefully for items in the Snake, Bear, Fox and Groundhog collections as this is the only time you will have a chance to collect them. If you do not click on the item you will lose it. (This does not apply to coins, XP, and Food Points as if they fade away you still get credit for them.)
  • When Varmints are next to items (Red Area) those areas will grow or produce at a much slower rate than normal so be sure to get that Varmint out as fast as you can.
  • TIP - Make sure that you do NOT clear out all the skulls, Large Trees, Cacti, or Wildflowers all at once from the land. Various challenges will require you to have these items and while they do grow back it takes several days for these items to become full grown. You are better off leaving a few of each item on the land.
  • Once you have at least 20 neighbors (and a least an hour of free time) visit all of them and after you are finished immediately purchase a building. You will have enough energy to build it all at once. NOTE – When you finish clicking on the building the required number of times (whacking the building) you will see a menu requiring you to have a certain number of items in your inventory such as bricks, tools, cans of paint, etc. You will have to collect these as gifts from Neighbors. Once you have all needed items you click on the structure and when the menu appears click on “Finish” this is how you complete buildings in Frontierville. Make sure you always accept gifts such as brick, paint, tools because you will need them eventually.

Strategies to increase your Neighbors in Frontierville

  • If you do not have very many Facebook friends but would like to increase the number of friends on Frontierville there are a few strategies.
  • If you visit one of the Frontierville Fan pages at Facebook you will see hundreds of people each day asking for people to add them to their friend list to be Frontierville Neighbors.
  • If you would like to try this follow this link –…
  • Once you are there you will see people posting things such as “Add Me” and then their Facebook profile link.
  • Click on their profile link and then on “Friend Request” Be sure to include a personal message that says, “Frontierville neighbor” so they know your intentions. Most people won’t add you unless you send a personal note telling them why.
  • NOTE – Don’t add too many people too fast or Facebook will flag your account and ask you to put in security words before submitting friend requests.
  • You can also try the Zynga Forums and look for “Add me” Threads. You can find the forum here –

Level Up


  • Each time you level up in Frontierville you are rewarded with your energy meter completely refilled, a Market item Unlocked, and 1 Horseshoe.
  • There are currently 50 levels but this will certainly increase in the future and this guide will be updated to reflect changes.
  • Each time you increase in level the total amount of energy you can have in an hour will increase by 1.
  • Goals will continue to become more advanced as you increase in level.

Frontierville Currencies


  • There are two currency types in Frontierville and you can purchase either one if you are running low with your Paypal account or a major credit card or using Facebook Credits. You can also earn free currency by participating in free sponsor activities.
  • Horseshoes - This is the higher end currency that allows you to purchase items that serve an important function or have decorative value. You can also purchase items for collections with Horseshoes that you could not otherwise buy. When you start the game you will have 10 Horseshoes and you will earn 1 additional Horseshoe each time you level up.
  • NOTE - Horseshoes are needed to level up in some instances and can also unlock items early for you.
  • Gold Coins - Gold Coins are the primary currency and when you click on coins they will be added to your overall amount. TIP – Be sure to click on the live feed bonuses for additional coins.



  • XP - (Experience Points) Are points that you earn for playing the game and performing specific activities while logged in.
  • When you perform a chore you will see coins and stars pop out that you are to click. You should see the XP add to your total at the top.
  • Note the XP meter which fills up as you complete a level and starts over when you begin a new one.
  • TIP - Be sure to click on “Bonus XP” messages when you see them in the live feeds. They will help you level up much faster.



  • Energy is critical as you will need it to tend to your chores around your and your Neighbor’s Homesteads.
  • Most tasks deduct 1 Energy point to complete but some such as clobbering Snakes and bears take 2 each time.
  • You may have to click on items several times to complete a chore. For example to chop a tree you may have to click on it 2 to 4 times before it is totally chopped down. You will receive coins, XP and bonus wood for each chop.
  • The only task that does not deduct from your energy reserves is planting crops. Harvesting or pulling withered crops will cost 1 energy Point as well as all other chores around the Homestead.
  • The energy meter is located at the top center of the game screen.
  • You will start the game with a maximum of 10 energy.
  • Energy points regenerate at a rate of 1 point every 5 minutes up to your Maximum.
  • As you level up the maximum amount of energy you can hold is increased at intervals.
  • Food is energy! Gift food to your Neighbors and encourage them to do the same for you.
  • If you are doing chores on your Homestead and run out of energy you are at a standstill until you can get more. There are many ways to get more energy fast when you run out. (See below)
  • When you do chores you will see pieces of cherry pie occasionally. Click on these as they are food points that can be used to purchase larger meals for energy points.
  • You may also see a lightning bolt when you do chores. These represent actual energy points immediately credited to your account for use. (Very valuable)
  • Be sure to post any energy bonuses on the live feeds so your Neighbors will do so as well.
  • If you are careful you can continuously play the game without too much lag time.

Ways to get More Energy when you run out

  • Gifts - Check your gifts for food sent by Neighbors.
  • Purchase Meals from the Market – Purchase more energy with the Food points you have earned. (Slices of cherry pie you earn while doing chores) You can spend 36 food points on 3 energy, 80 Food Points for 7 Energy, 165 for 15 Energy, 320 for 30 Energy and even higher amounts will unlock as you progress in the game. (These are the meals that you can purchase in the Market or have them gifted to you from friends.)
  • Scan the Live Feeds for Bonus Posts - There is likely to be bonus posts on the feeds. Remember, if you can’t find a feed for energy points directly look for food, and XP as when you reach the next level your energy meter will be completely recharged.
  • Level Up - If you are close to reaching the next level hunt for XP bonuses on the live feed to put you over to the next level.
  • Visit/Help Neighbors - Visit or help your Neighbors if you haven’t already and you will get a huge energy point boost.
  • Wait - Every 5 minutes you will have 1 energy point regenerated.
  • Complete Collections - Certain Collections will reward you with Energy points or full regeneration of your meter.
  • Hire a Neighbor to work for you - These Neighbors will usually produce extra energy for you.



  • Frontierville is centered around the goals it gives you to complete.
  • There will always be goals for you to work on which when completed unlock more fun things to do, rewards and more characters.
  • Goals are located along the left side of the game screen and 3 at a time will always be in progress.
  • Each person’s game will be a little different depending on how fast they complete certain goals.
  • TIP - Do not purchase any buildings or large Equipment until you reach a goal that tells you to. This will save you a lot of money and stress down the line.
  • Click on the icon to see the goal name, what is needed, and your progress on that specific goal.
  • It is not known at this time how many goals are in the game but there is never a time without goals and it is expected more will be added frequently.
  • Rewards are given when a goal is completed and you can post a live feed message that will allow your Neighbors to have a bonus of either XP, energy, or Food as well.
  • NOTE - Some goals have many steps to them such as the “Get Married” goal. It may take quite a while to complete these goals so be sure you are making optimal use of your resources.
  • NOTE – If you are willing to pay real currency you can speed up completion of goals. There is usually always an option to purchase completed items to help you finish your goals.
  • TIP - There are useful hints written at the bottom of every goal menu. These are quite helpful and it is in your best interest to follow these hints at all times.

Getting Married


  • Once you complete the first Family Collection and Complete the Getting Married Challenge you will have a Spouse to help you take care of the Homestead.
  • You will first be able to design your spouse and choose all characteristics like you did your Avatar when you started the game.
  • NOTE - If you want to change your own or your Spouse (Or Child’s) appearance you can click on your “My Stuff” bag at the lower right and then on “Family Album” click on their picture and you can change them from here.
  • You next will be given some challenges which your spouse must complete.
  • NOTE - Click on the Spouse and when you see the silver star above their head they are now the one that can move and do any activities needed. You can toggle between characters at any time.
  • Eventually you will have more challenges that will allow you to have children which are handled the same way as the spouse and will have challenges specific to them.


  • Varmints are a big part of the Frontier Experience in real life and there is no shortage of them in Frontierville!
  • There are 4 major Varmints you will have to deal with in the game at this time.
  • Snake - Found in grassy areas especially where there are skulls to be removed.
  • Groundhog - Found when harvesting crops.
  • Bear - Found when chopping down very large trees.
  • Fox - Found when feeding Chickens or baby Chicks.
  • Below you will see a detailed description of each Varmint and what is needed to get rid of it as well as bonuses offered once you clear the animal away.
  • NOTE - If a Varmint is in the area anything around it (highlighted in red) will grow much slower so it is in your best interest to get rid of the Varmint as soon as possible.
  • NOTE - If you click on anything highlighted in red to do a chore it will cost 2 energy points to do the task versus the normal 1. It is best to clear the Varmint out first before anything else to conserve your energy points.
  • Once eliminated, the area will clear up and you will be prompted with a message to post a bonus for your Neighbors on the Live Feed. There is a hefty bonus for each Varmint, so it is well worth it.

Buildings & Bonuses


  • There are currently 8 Structures you can build and place on your land in Frontierville. The covered Wagon is considered a “Building” and you are given one free Covered Wagon at the Beginning of the game with the option to purchase more if you would like.
  • When you are ready to purchase your building it is important to understand that you are only purchasing the frame and not the finished building. You will have to finish it and collect all supplies for it.
  • Once you purchase the frame set it on the land where you want it and click to lock it in. (It can be moved later if you wish.)
  • Place your cursor over the structure and it will tell you how many clicks are needed to complete. (These are known as “Whacks”)
  • The School House takes 30 Whacks to complete therefore you would need at least 30 energy. (Best to do this after Neighbor visits)
  • A building usually has a cost of Wood and Coins so be sure you have enough by checking with the Market as you plan to build. IMPORTANT - When you see the cost of Wood for a structure this is PER CLICK. For Example The School House Takes 30 “Whacks” to build and the cost is 12 Wood. This means 12 Wood per Whack so you will need 360 Wood to build the School in addition to other supplies.
  • Once you complete the clicks a menu will appear telling you that you need a certain number of 5 different items. (varies from 1 to 8 of each item)
  • These items must be collected from your Neighbors as free gifts.
  • If you do not have enough you can click on the gift icon and request specific items from your Neighbors.
  • Once you do have all items needed simply click on “Finish” and the building will appear completed.
  • Now you can click on the building and you will see 2 or 3 options.
  • The first option is “Collect Bonus” and it only appears if you can collect the bonus. It will be a bonus of coins, resources or XP and you can collect it once every 24 hours. (Clock resets at 8PM EST.)
  • The other options are:
  • Customize - This allows you to change the color and look of the structure and can be changed anytime with no fee.
  • Crafting Workshop - Click on “Go Inside” and you will see a “Crafting Workshop” Menu.
  • Each Building with the exception of the School House has a crafting workshop that allows you to take items you have collected and make 2 special items to complete collections and goals in the game.
  • The more buildings you have completed the more daily bonuses you can collect and the more specialized items you can produce. This will help you level up much faster.
  • Buildings are an important part of the game and you should plan carefully the order you wish to purchase them and make room.
  • The Covered Wagon is given to you for Free, The Cabin and General Store will be requested in Challenges so be sure to wait to until you get those Goals to purchase them.
  • TIP - As you play the game you will be tempted to purchase the really great buildings to start building them but it is wise to wait. The goals will lead you and soon you will build a Cabin, and a General Store well before level 9. So be sure to build these items when the goals tell you too. It will make things much easier for you.
  • Once you build buildings or large Structures such as the Covered Wagon you are given the opportunity to customize these items.
  • In the goal area you will be told how much of each material you will need. (Read information about “Frontierville Buildings”)
  • You will obtain these materials by Chopping Trees and getting tools from your Neighbors as free gifts.
  • NOTE – Tools are very important at this point so be sure to start requesting them right away when you see buildings in your goals.
  • Once you purchase the building from you will need to place it on the land you have cleared.
  • You will need to work on this structure by clicking on it. Each Structure takes a specific number of hits to build. (Aka “Whacks”)
  • Once you have the correct amount of supplies and you are able to click on the structure it will be built and can be used from this point on.
  • NOTE - Each day you will be able to collect a bonus from these Buildings. When you are at the point where you have many buildings make it a habit to start the game and go down the line clicking on all your bonuses to get it out of the way and ensure you don’t miss any.
  • Each Building once complete can be customized with a choice of 3 styles to choose from and a color menu to make your buildings look however you like. You can update this anytime.

Farm Animals


  • Farm Animals can be purchased in the Market and some are given to you are rewards or in Live Feed Bonuses.
  • Farm Animals start out as babies and must be fed. After a while they will grow in size.
  • A gold arrow over a Farm Animal indicates it needs to be fed.
  • It is best not to purchase too many farm animals in the beginning as you will use 1 energy to feed 1 animal.
  • Neighbors can feed your animals for you.
  • Each Animal has a certain time before it will become Hungry again. If you place your cursor over an animal you can see a countdown clock until it is ready to be fed again.
  • NOTE – Each Farm Animal has a collection and can produce items for the Collectibles so be sure to watch for them when feeding animals. Remember if you don’t click on an item and it fades away it is lost forever.



  • Crops can be purchased in the Market and it does not expend any energy to plant the crops. (No plowing needed beforehand as in Farmville)
  • Simply click on the area you wish to put the plot and it will begin to grow.
  • Once a crop is ready for Harvest you have the same amount of time to harvest it as it took for it to mature.
  • Once a crop has withered you can remove the plot (This will cost you energy) or you can leave it as Neighbors have the ability to revive crops for you. NOTE - If a Neighbor does revive a crop for you it will either again when its allotted harvest time passes.
  • For Example – Clover takes 5 minutes before it is ripe for Harvest. Once it is you have 5 minutes to harvest it or it will wither. If you’re going to be away for awhile be sure you plant crops that take awhile such as Wheat or Cotton.
  • The Chart below has a break down of all information about a particular crop in Frontierville.
  • Additional Crops will most likely be added to the game. When this happens this guide will be updated with new information.
  • NOTE - Crops that take under 1 hour to ripen only give XP and Coins when you harvest them. This is good for leveling up quickly but if you need food for energy you will need to grow crops that produce food when harvested.
  • Reviving Crops – Neighbors can revive each other’s crops if they wither. It is up to you if you want to leave them on your land. Your neighbor may save you valuable coins and XP.
    Crop Level
    Cost (Coins) Harvest
    XP XP per Hr. Coins earned at Harvest Time Coins earned per Hr. Food Yield at Harvest Time Food per Hr.
    Clover 1 0 10 5 Mins. 1 12 13 156 0 0
    Tomatoes 1 0 25 15 Mins. 2 8 30 120 0 0
    Pumpkin 1 0 50 1 Hr. 4 4 67 67 1 1
    Potatoes 1 4 90 4 Hrs. 6 1.5 141 35.3 2 0.5
    Wheat 1 0 365 24 Hrs. 10 0.42 587 24.5 4 0.17
    Cotton 1 9 600 72 Hrs. 12 0.166 1200 16.7 4 0.06
    Flax 5 5 150 8 Hrs. 7 0.875 244 30.5 2 0.25
    Corn 6 0 225 12 Hrs. 8 0.666 351 29.3 3 0.25
    Peas 7 6 475 48 Hrs. 11 0.229 885 18.4 4 0.08
    Peanuts 15 11 725 96 Hrs. 13 0.135 1450 15.1 5 0.05
    Sunflower 17 13 310 18 Hrs. 10 0.56 530 29.4 3 1.83
    Eggplant 19 13 465 2 Hrs. 4 2.0 494 247 4 2.0

Live Feed Bonus Links


  • Keeping an eye on the Live Feeds at Facebook is a great way to increase your Funds and to level up Faster. Each time a major accomplishment is met in the game a player is offered the option to share in the wealth by posting a bonus on the live feeds.
  • TIP - When you see a Frontierville post on the live feeds be sure to look directly under it for “Show “?” Similar Posts” and click on that link which will cause all available Frontierville Live Feeds posts posted by your Neighbors to line up all at once. (This eliminates your having to hunt for them over several pages. (This works for any game on Facebook.) Now all you have to do is go down the line and collect all the bonus money, animals, supplies and XP!
  • There are daily limits set on how many bonuses you can collect.
  • As you accept a bonus it will say at the bottom how many you have left and how much longer you can collect those bonuses you have left.
  • Bonus XP – (15 XP, 20 XP, or 50 XP Bonus Points) 30 times per 24 Hours. (NOTE – Love Points, Snake, Groundhog, Fox and Bear Award 50 XP each)
  • Helping by Sending an item to a Neighbor - (10 Coins, 25 Coins, Bonus for sending out snacks or supplies) – Maximum 50 Times per 24 hours.
  • Completed Collection Bonuses (Award 100 Coins) – Maximum 25 per 24 Hours.
  • An example of what a live feed post looks like is in the last image above. Click on the areas circled to collect bonuses. You will be taken to a confirmation screen and then back to the game or the live feed.

Thanks to Gamezebo for some super strategies! You can check out their full Frontierville walkthrough for more information. You can also visit Zynga’s Frontierville forum, or play the game here: Now head off into the horizon and conquer your Facebook friends in Frontierville already!

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