Frogger Returns Now Available on DSiWare

Tue, May 18, 2010

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Back in April, we told you of Konami’s plans to bring Frogger Returns to the DSi via DSiWare sometime “this Spring.” Well, “this Spring” equates to “now,” as the company has announced that the game is now available to download via DSiWare.

For those who weren’t with us in April, Frogger Returns on the DSi is a port of the Wii Ware version of the game, that sees the classic gameplay of Frogger (navigate city streets to return our hero to the safety of his home marsh) combined with new power-ups, and even multiple new gameplay modes that see you racing the clock or trying to beat a high score.

The game here also offers all new “bosses and tactics” that will challenge your strategic hopping abilities, along with updated graphics that see the 2D, top-down perspective of the original game replaced with 3D graphics and an angled presentation.

Frogger Returns is now available to download on DSiWare for 500 points.

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