Frisky Hands-On: Playdom Launches Market Street on Facebook

Wed, Jul 21, 2010

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It seems that more than any other Facebook game developer, Playdom is on top when it comes to releasing new games. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen the release of Fanglies and Pet Resort, two new animal-themed games, while today, we can bring you the news surrounding the launch of Market Street, which is (pun intended) an entirely different animal.

The game allows you to build your own store, with three major options being available – clothing, electronics/entertainment, or hardware. While you can choose to have an entirely themed store, that only sells items from one particular section, you can also mix and match, selling clothing on one rack, CD’s on another, and tools on yet another, as just one example.

You’ll purchase items in bulk packages from the game’s catalog. Different items are delivered after varying amounts of time (five minutes, an hour, 12 hours, a day, and so on), with each item rewarding your accordingly – that is, the longer it takes for an item to be delivered, the more likely the item is to carry a large profit along with it (also, the more likely it is to cost a lot of money to purchase in the first place).

Once delivered, you have to manually drag the order out to a display area in the store, and, once again, each item will “sell out” after a different amount of time. Generally speaking, the less time it takes the product to be produced, the less time it will take to sell out.

After you’ve stocked your shelves with products, you’ll be able to hire your friends to be your cashiers, decorate your store with a slew of decorations, and add new display shelves so that you can sell more products. Like in other Facebook games, the amount of displays you can own at any one time is level-dependent, with more slots being unlocked as you level up.

You can expand your store as you gain profits and neighbors (the larger the expansion, the more neighbors you’ll need before you can unlock access to purchase it), and you can help yourself grow (at least in terms of level) by finishing all manner of quests that are available via the clipboard in the top left corner of the gameplay area. These quests reward you with coins or Crowns (the game’s premium currency), as examples.

It should be noted that the game seems particularly well suited to those players who can dedicate more than one play-session a day to the game, in that you can order more products (in terms of quantity) than the amount of available display cases you have on-hand. In this way, you can come back every few hours to always have new products waiting for you.

Like other Facebook games, you can earn achievements for completing specific tasks in the game, not entirely unlike the aforementioned quest system. You’ll also be able to visit your friends’ stores, should you have a friend or two that decide to give the game a try.

Want to give Market Street a try? Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to open up your own shop, and be sure to check out the Frisky Hands-On video below to see the game in action.

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