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Wed, Jul 14, 2010

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From Triplepoint Client Astro Ape Studios comes Office Heroes for the iPhone, a time management simulation game that challenges you to become the office hero. We’ve already told you about the announcement, now we’re ready to share a Frisky Hands-On with you. Along the way, you’ll have to complete several office tasks that range from menial and boring to exciting and thrilling. We were lucky enough to get an early preview hands-on with the game and are now able to share the experience with you.

When you first start Office Heroes, you are asked for your Facebook login (which appears to be required). From there, you are taken to a bit of a tutorial that shows how the game works. To start with, you have a computer and a phone in your office. To start a task, you tap either the computer or the phone to start. The computer, at first, allows you to perform tasks such as “Fight Spam,” “Tweet,” or “Searching” which describe tasks that a normal office worker has to deal with on a daily basis. The phone yields tasks such as “Voicemail,” “Chat,” or “Personal Call.” Along with these two basic pieces of office equipment, you will also be able to purchase other types such as coffee makers and vending machines as you level up that will also complete tasks in the game.

Once you’ve selected a task to complete, you simply just have to wait for the task to complete. Once completed, these tasks will earn you Career Points (currency), Paperclips (premium currency) and XP that you can use to level up and purchase items either for your character or office. In the “Decor” store, you have many different options to gussy up your office to either look like a fancy executive suite or an artsy deco museum, it’s all up to you. Of course, the fancier the decor, the more expensive the price (and likely will have to be purchased with Paperclips).

Along with customizing the office, you may also customize your character however you wish. He (or she) can be a full blown corporate executive complete with expensive suit and slicked back hair or as a pirate, ninja or zombie. (I decided that a combination zombie-ninja would be most appropriate for myself)

From the “Store” option, you may purchase bundles that will save you a few Paperclips. There’s a bundle for buying the entire Ninja getup or one for purchasing decorations for the entire office. When compared to the prices you’d pay individually, these bundles really do save quite a bit of Paperclips overall. It also appears that at a later time, you will be able to purchase Paperclips with real money, just like many other games of this sort.

Overall, Office Heroes seems like it takes advantage of the iPhone by providing a mobile interface that works, and gameplay that compliments the way the device is setup. Office Heroes is set to debut July 22nd on the iTunes App Store for free. To keep up with the latest iPhone news, be sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook using the ‘Goose bar below.

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