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Mon, Jul 26, 2010

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With the launch of Playdom’s Market Street, we thought we would take a closer look at a previously released game with a similar theme – Metrogames’ Fashion World – in an effort to show you what else is available in the theme, should one game not be enough for you.

Fashion World hit its stride at the end of June, and now sits at almost three million monthly active users. The game allows you to run your own clothing store by choosing clothing from a catalog and then manufacturing it on in-house sewing machines. Each piece of clothing, whether it be a top, skirt, pants, or even shoes and accessories comes with its own specific stats. That is, they all require varying amounts of time to complete, cost different amount to produce, and sell for different amounts of profit.

Just like most Facebook games, Fashion World limits you as to your selections in terms of clothing, decorations and so on, based on your level, with more items in all categories unlocking as you level up (it should be noted that a slew of items are available for Facebook Credits to players of all levels).

In addition to purchasing clothing, you’ll have to have places to display your new wares, which is where tables and clothing racks come in – one stand or rack per item set that you manufacture. That is, you may produce five types of shirts at the same time, but each bundle would need to go on its own stand, or its own separate shelf on a multi-shelf display stand.

In terms of customization, Fashion World contains an interesting concept not often found in Facebook games; that being the ability to produce customized pieces of clothing, aside from the standard pieces available in the shopping catalog. If you decide to take advantage of this option, you’ll be able to choose a blank template for a skirt, as an example, and can then pick the colors you’d like for each part of the skirt – say, pink for the fabric and white for the belt. The options here, in terms of color combinations are downright staggering.

In addition to these functional items, you can add changing rooms so that customers can try on clothing before they buy it, hire new employees (in the form of your friends), and decorate your store in all manner of ways – from new flooring and wallpaper to doors, windows, plants, chairs, and so on.

You’ll be able to earn achievements as you play the game, like producing a certain number of clothing items of a specific type (10 accessories or 10 bottoms, as examples), purchasing a set number of decorations and so on.

As the game has a clear focus on fashion, you can also take the time to dress your own character in all of the latest designs, even if you choose to purchase some of those items with Facebook Credits.

If you’d like to join the almost three million players already enjoying Fashion World on Facebook, make sure to head over to the game’s page to give the game a chance. Before you go though, check out our Frisky Hands-On of the game, to see just what to expect should you decide to give the game a go.

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