Frisky Hands-On: Friendivity’s Growing Diary on Facebook

Tue, Jul 20, 2010

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Social game developer Friendivity has launched Growing Diary on Facebook. The game contains an interesting premise, and is described as such on the game’s page:

Ever wish you could be 5 years old, knowing what you do now? What would you do the same? What would you do differently? In Growing Diary you can! Work odd jobs, learn new skills… wear beach shorts, or a pink party dress like never before!

So, have you ever wished you could travel back to your childhood? While it’s not possible in the real world, let’s see what happens in this virtual one. You’ll start on your fifth birthday, and can create an avatar using all sorts of options – clothing (shirts, shorts, pants, shoes), hats, glasses, hair (color and style), and so on.

Once you have an avatar to call your own, you’ll be led through the rest of the tutorial, where you’ll learn how to complete odd jobs, and investigate your home. Yes, a five year old will be hired to work in all manner of jobs, from taking out the trash to selling flowers, with lots in between, arranged to unlock as you level up in the game. Interestingly, you can actually schedule more than one job to complete at the same time. That is, you can have your avatar take out the trash and sell lemonade “at the same time,” so that both tasks will be completed by the time you come back to the game. In addition, you can add a new job to your list even as your current jobs are still running.

Once the job has been completed, you’ll have to manually claim your paycheck from the jobs menu. Additionally, tasks require energy, meaning that over time, you’ll have to buy items like pop, donuts, candy and so on to refill their energy, allowing you to take on more jobs.

There’s a world map to explore, allowing you to take part in mini-games, like a balloon popping game that sees you shooting arrows from a cannon in an effort to score the most points in a limited number of shots.

You can redecorate your home as well, but as the game is new, the only options available thus far are for flooring and wallpaper. On the topic of home, you can receive a free food (energy) item once a day from the refrigerator, and you can search under the sofa cushions, in side tables, and under the coffee table (among other places) for lost goodies.

While the game’s content is a bit light thus far, it’s young age is to blame, rather than a lack of support from Friendivity. In fact, new content is being added to the game fairly regularly, allowing those that join now an opportunity to be on the ground floor of what could be a great game, if given enough of a chance by users.

Want to head back to your childhood via the power of Facebook gaming? Head over to the Growing Diary page on Facebook to get started, or check out our Frisky Hands-On video below to see exactly what to expect from the game’s first few levels.

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