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Tue, Jul 27, 2010

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The ‘Doodle’ series tends to take great ideas and turn them into cute, simple games. Doodle God from JoyBits is no exception in making you a ‘God’ of sorts but there are no people or buildings to manage, just elements. Elements are the name of the game in Doodle God, and we’re going to share a quick hands-on with you.

Doodle God, as I said, is all about elements and it’s up to you as a ‘God’ to create them. How do you create them? Well, by combining existing elements of course. That’s really the entire concept within this game. You start out with only a few elements, and you must combine certain elements in order to create 140 combinations in total.

For example, if I wanted to create Lava, I would combine Earth and Fire. To create a Vampire, combine a Human and Blood. The combinations are usually clever (try combining an Apple and a cell phone) and it’s very simple to play. To combine the elements, just tap one element, then tap the other element to combine.

Simply, Doodle God just happens to be one of the simplest, yet engaging games on the iPhone. The sounds and music while playing really do bring a sense of being some magnificent god and the graphics are just as charming as ever. If you’d like to check out Doodle God for yourself, head over to the App Store and download it for just 99¢.

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