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Mon, Jul 19, 2010

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From Fugazo, we have Cooking Academy which challenges you to become the best chef you can possibly be by cooking up recipes from every section of the cookbook. While it may remind you of the popular DS/Wii title Cooking Mama, Cooking Academy has its own flavors that really shine on the iPhone and showcase how touch can make the cooking seem more natural than ever.

Cooking Academy’s presentation is as follows: You are a lowly cook starting out in culinary school and you need to master the art of cooking to graduate (hence the Academy portion). As it starts, you are presented with a list of dishes you may cook. The recipes are divided into separate categories, and the majority of them are locked until you complete the initial recipes and exams. For example: Initially, you only have appetizers available but after cooking all of the appetizers and completing the exam, you may begin cooking breakfast meals.

Once you’ve selected which recipe to cook, you are taken to the main gameplay which consists of chopping, slicing, boiling, cooking, baking, preparing, basting, marinating and more. Each different method of cooking requires a different motion. For instance: Stirring a pot requires you to slide your finger in a circular fashion, while slicing has you moving your finger either up or down quickly. Other activities have you pouring a dish into a bowl by tilting your iPhone. After each dish is served, you are given a grade based on how you performed from A to F and will effect whether or not additional dishes are unlocked.

Completing the standard recipe list for a category will then allow you to complete an exam to move on. These exams consist of performing usually the most difficult tasks in succession while being timed. Passing the exam will then open up the next category and even more dishes.

Overall, Cooking Academy looks to take the idea of cooking up some delicious dishes in a portable fashion. The controls all complimented the iPhone’s abilities and everything was accomplishable with general ease. If you want to check out Cooking Academy for yourself then head over to the iTunes App Store. To keep up with the latest iPhone news, be sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook using the ‘Goose bar below.

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