Frisky FarmVille Photo Grab Competition: Round 1, Vote!

Fri, Mar 26, 2010

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Hey FarmVille fans – we here at Frisky Mongoose want to give you free stuff for your farm. We WANT you to have enough Farm Cash to buy all the virtual goods your little farm needs to grow and flourish. And we want to see your farms and share photos with other Frisky Mongoose readers.

Do you want to show off your virtual farming skills? Do you want to win cool prizes? Does your farm have something special to say to the world (and by world I mean community of other Facebook gamers)?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then take heed! Send us a photo from your FarmVille farm before next Friday, and you might take home a cool prize, glory, fame and fortune – okay, at the very least you’ll have clout, at least amongst your virtual competitors… But seriously, Farm Cash Cards are up for grabs and maybe more! Send your FarmVille photos to kate (at) friskymongoose (dot) com now and see if you make the cut for next Friday’s Photo Grab competition.

For your farm to be considered, please make sure you use the in-game camera tool to snap a photo on your farm, or crop your screenshot to 400 x 400 pixels and make sure no personal info is included in the image (i.e. number of coins, cash, etc.) We know you want to brag but those are the rules – take the trash talk to the comments!

To start things off, we’ve compiled a competitive crop of photos from team Mongoose for your perusal. Please take a second and vote for your favorite at the bottom and see which Frisky farm photo is winning the race! We’ll call it quits on Monday and announce the winning photo (although CLEARLY Kate’s farm is the best… right?) Sorry Brandy, what can I say, I’m biased!

1. Brandy’s lucky Irish farm:

2. Alexia’s hot mess farm:

3. Kate’s spring-timey farm:

Well which reigns supreme in your opinion? Vote now for your favorite weekly Photo Grab:

That was easy, wasn’t it? Now don’t forget to send in YOUR farm photos for Round 2 by next Thursday – email them to kate (at) friskymongoose (dot) com or send a link to your Facebook FarmVille photo album (just make sure it’s public so we can see it). If your farm is chosen, your photo will be featured in the Frisky FarmVille Photo Grab contest next Friday, and you may win free Farm Cash!

Let us know what you think about the latest Frisky FarmVille feature in the comments below. Are there other contests or features you’d like to see on the site? We’re here to serve – place your orders people.

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  • Brandy Shaul

    Why Kate, you should be disqualified for trying to sway the opinions of our readers with your evil text! Not that it matters – quality will reign supreme over your persuasion when all is said and done. ;-P

  • Alexia Nielsen

    Totally! I'm calling on my army of Facebook followers to vote for my farm. We'll see if they come through for me. Throw off the chains of conformity and vote for my Chaos Farm!

  • Kate Hancock

    Oh please ladies, you know there's no Farm Cash at stake this week anyway! Promise I'll be on the up and up next week ;) Until then, hi-yah!

  • Kate Hancock

    Blah blah blah – Frisky readers will decide for themselves – not my
    fault if my farm's the most awesome ;) JK you know I love you both,
    and your farms. Rock the vote!!

  • competitions

    Who won?!

  • Kate Hancock

    Hey – good question! Here's the result post :)