Frima Studio Dabbles in Trash TV with Phoenix Park

Mon, Apr 8, 2013

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Frima Studio — it’s not just for games anymore. The entertainment-minded TriplePoint client has news today that they’ll be entertaining children in less-interactive ways through animated TV shows, including a particularly trashy new series called “Phoenix Park.” Seriously, the show stars trash. Not the kind of trash that tears its shirt off on stage and insists it is not the father of someone’s children, but literal trash, including a plastic water bottle, a tube of suntan lotion, and other bits of beach garbage.

In Phoenix Park, Frima’s animators will bring these plastic personalities to life and follow their quest to start new careers in a post-recycled state, rather than wind up in the incinerator. From the press release:

Frima and Image-in will co-produce a series titled Phoenix Park that is aimed at 7-10 year olds and follows the comedic adventures of a gang of beach garbage. Throughout the 52 7-minute episodes, the loveable gang conquers obstacles on their quest towards Phoenix Park, the recycling center sure to save them from the incinerator. For the show, Frima’s experienced animators will produce a unique artistic style, blending 3D animated characters with live-action landscapes.

“Frima’s animation team is a natural partner for the Phoenix Park project and we are eager to see the amazing work our collaboration can produce. With such talented teams behind them, our friendly garbage should have no trouble at all making their way to Phoenix Park,” said Jean de Vivie, founder and producer at Image-in.

I guess when the series is finished with production, it will be “in the can.” Oh, we have fun here, don’t we?

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