FriendSpin Allows You to Find Your Facebook Friends Through Your iPhone

Mon, Mar 1, 2010

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FriendSpin is a new iPhone app that combines the location-based check-in features of apps like Foursquare and MyTown with Facebook to allow users to keep track of where their Facebook friends are at any given time.

Inside Facebook recently took a look at how the app works. FriendSpin runs off of Google Maps, meaning that you can check-in from any location around the globe and keep track of friends in other countries. After signing into the app with Facebook Connect, you are allowed to bring an unlimited amount of people into the app from your friend’s list.

From there, you go about your business as usual, checking into locations as you go, and can place your location on the map for your Facebook friends to see. When they do the same, they will appear on your view of the map. The app isn’t a homing device, of course, so everyone involved with have to continually check-in to new locations as they make their way around town, or else the app will continue to show them at the location of their last check-in.

There’s also a convenient feature within the app that will let you upload your current location to Facebook proper, so that friends without the app, or even an iPhone, can have a look at where you are. Either way, once users know where you are, it may spark the idea to meet up if your individual locations are nearby one another. And when it comes to hanging out with friends, that doesn’t seem like a bad thing at all.

To try FriendSpin for yourself (it costs $1.99), head over to Friendspin - Geolocalize your friends

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