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FreeiPadAppADay for 04/06/10: TapFish

As reported by the folks at, today’s free offering for the iPad is TapFish, a game that resembles Facebook games like FishVille and Happy Aquarium in both form and function.

TapFish allows you to build and fill your own aquarium. You’ll buy different species of colorful fish, feed them, and watch them grow, only to sell them for a profit when they grow up. You can clean up after your fish as the tank gets dirty, and buy decorations to customize the look of your tank, with all of your actions earning you experience points towards an overall level in the game.

There are two different types of currency in the game, and various technical abilities like being able to turn off the music if you so choose.

TapFish looks to contain all of the elements of the popular aquarium Facebook games, only in a portable form. Make sure to download your free copy if the idea of a virtual aquarium “on-the-go” is interesting to you.

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