FreeAppADay for 2/23/10: Blastination

Tue, Feb 23, 2010

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Another day, another free app. Today’s free offering is Blastination by Bithoard Games.

When looking at screenshots for Blastination, thoughts of Geometry Wars and other hectic arcade shooters might come to mind, but the game’s similarities with that genre stops at aesthetics, as Blastination is a puzzle game of sorts that sees you collecting randomly placed objects that are strewn throughout the gameplay area by setting your orb into motion and then drawing lines with your fingers for the orb to bounce off of and continue on.

The game is completely controlled by touch, and you’ll have to think ahead to where the orb will be traveling next, and draw a line at the appropriate time and angle so that the orb bounces in the direction that it needs to go to pick up the remaining pieces.

There are 150 levels in all, each with their own stationary boundaries and obstacles, but the objects are placed randomly within them, so you’ll never have the exact same gameplay experience twice.

Levels are timed, meaning that strategy really does play a role (you can’t simply wait for the orb to eventually bounce to the appropriate areas on its own), and the game comes with a great auto save and load feature that lets you play a few levels while on the bus or while waiting for a meeting and pick up right where you left off during your next down-time.

To download Blastination for yourself (remember, it’s free for today only) head over to blastination

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