FreeAppADay for 2/20/10: 4×4 Jam

Sat, Feb 20, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

Happy weekend everyone! To start your Saturday off right, try out today’s free app – Invictus Games’ 4×4 Jam.

While the game contains realistic physics, that’s about the only realism you’ll see in the game, as 4×4 Jam allows you to throw conventional racing mechanics out of the proverbial window. The game’s eight tracks have no boundaries, you can crash through fences and barrel around in open terrain, roll down hills and continue on once you’ve hit the bottom, bounce off of opponents and more in one of six game modes.

Career mode contains 32 events spread across the eight in-game locations, Jam mode challenges you with quickly making your way through a series of randomly placed gates on the map, Off-Road Racing mode is the game’s quick play option, Road Racing mode is similar, but adds in gates that must be traveled through, Free Ride mode lets you test out cars and learn every nook and cranny of the terrain at your leisure, and, finally, Collector mode challenges you to pick up randomly scattered items before your opponent does.

The game contains eight different vehicles, a licensed rock soundtrack containing nine songs, multiple difficulties, in-game stat trackers and more, making 4×4 Jam one of the most in-depth tilt or tap iPhone racers I’ve come across.

To try the game for yourself, head over to 4x4 Jam

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