FreeAppADay for 2/18/10: FaceFighter

Thu, Feb 18, 2010

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Today’s free app is FaceFighter from Appy Entertainment. The game is a fairly simplistic fighting game with a clever (alright, downright hilarious) twist: your friends are your foes.

So long as you have a picture of your friend to upload into the game, their face will be placed atop an enemy’s body, allowing you to “beat the crap out of them,” and give them black eyes, busted noses, swollen lips and more as you punch your way to victory. Of course, your friends aren’t simply punching bags, as they will try to fight back, so you’ll need to show some semblance of skill to not have the same done to you.

Another difference found in FaceFighter is the inclusion of weapons, like hammers and wrenches, which will allow you to deal out even more punishment than your fists and feet could hope to accomplish. After defeating your enemy, you can upload pictures of their now-misshapen face to Twitter or Facebook, and if they decide that they would like some sweet revenge, you can take them on via two-player Bluetooth multiplayer.

Are you ready to rumble? Head over to iTunes and pick up a copy of the game for yourself, but remember, it’s free for today only. FaceFighter

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