FreeAppADay for 2/11/10: Mezopuzzle

Thu, Feb 11, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

Today’s free app is Mezopuzzle, a sliding block puzzler in the same vein as games like Parking Lot, Blocked or Unblock Me.

The game, which is based on real Mayan mythology, challenges you to reassemble three broken Mayan wall drawings by collecting fragments through completing levels.

There are ten levels per drawing, with each level itself tasking you with rearranging blocks on a grid (while staying within a grid’s boundaries) to return the current picture to its proper state.

Everyone is familiar with these types of games, and unfortunately, they tend to be a bit hit or miss. Too difficult, and you quit before you ever really get started; too easy, and you become bored just as quickly. Mezopuzzle is presented with a choice of three difficulty levels in an effort to rectify these inevitabilities, making it worth the free download, if only to give one of the levels a shot.

If Mezopuzzle sounds interesting to you, you can get it on Mezopuzzle

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