FreeAppADay for 2/10/10: Pollywog

Wed, Feb 10, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

After a couple of days of non-gaming Apps in the FreeAppADay program, we return to world of casual gaming with Pollywog, a “2D physics dodge’m/racer” that sees you guiding Pauly the purple pollywog through obstacle-filled courses while trying to collect as many floating Yum Yums as possible.

You guide Pauly through danger by tilting the iPhone, and by collecting Yum Yums, you gain a speed boost that will help you get to the end of the level that much faster. Each level is timed, and if you can complete them with time to spare, you’ll unlock in-game awards and new levels to try to master, with each new level (obviously) becoming more challenging than the last.

There are 19 levels in all, which makes this the perfect little time-killer to have on your iPhone. If you agree, head over to iTunes and get a copy of the game for yourself. Pollywog

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