FreeAppADay for 1/27/10: iBomber

Wed, Jan 27, 2010

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If you have even a marginal interest in explosions, then you won’t want to miss today’s FreeAppADay, which has been dropped right on our heads by Cobra Mobile. The game is iBomber, the target is a series of 1940s-era harbors and military installations, and the result is a healthy combination of tilting, poking, and blowing the heck up.

iBomber makes very thorough use of the iPhone’s tilt sensors, using them not only for side-to-side steering, but also front-to-back speed adjustment, helping you to dodge flak cannons and antiaircraft fire and pick your targets more precisely. Also, it teaches us important historical lessons — did you know that, in order to survive back in the war, that bomber pilots had to be ever-vigilant and poke the health powerups on their touch screens? Nobody ever puts that part in the movies.

iBomber is free today on the App Store. Get it here: iBomber

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