FreeAppADay for 1/21/10: Cocoto Kart

Thu, Jan 21, 2010

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The (free) Reign of Swords may have come to an end, and the time for fighting is over. It must, therefore, be time to flee at high speeds, with today’s FreeAppADay, Cocoto Kart by iFoneKit. If you’re a fan of the cartoony kart-racing classics like Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing, then today’s free app selection is a lucky one for you: Including a diverse cast of racers and 10 unique tracks, Cocoto Kart is one of those special games that will make you look… “interesting” while you play it, tilting to steer and shaking to unleash your many weapons.

The process behind today’s FreeAppADay is an unusual one — as with many apps, Cocoto Kart has both a free and a paid version, and the paid version has not been reduced in price. You will still be downloading the “lite” version of Cocoto Kart. However, there is an in-game store within the free version, where you may buy the upgrades that the full version comes with, namely, all characters and tracks for $1.99, and online play for 99 cents. If you download the free version today, as part of the FreeAppADay program, you will automatically receive the “all characters and tracks” single-player unlock for no cost. Online play will still cost 99 cents, if you desire it.

Grab Cocoto Kart Free (plus single-player upgrade) on the App Store, right here: Cocoto Kart Free

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