FreeAppADay for 1/19/10: Zombie Pizza

Tue, Jan 19, 2010

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How did you enjoy yesterday’s FreeAppADay? Have you thoroughly roped and flown? Are you hungry from all of that travel, and also dead from repeatedly smashing into the ground? Well, you’re in luck: Today’s free app from the FreeAppADay program is Zombie Pizza, a creepy culinary creation from Appy Entertainment.

The object of Zombie Pizza is fairly straightforward: You’re stuck working at a pizza joint that caters exclusively to the walking dead, so it’s largely your own fault that ravenous zombies are hammering at the door. Pizza crusts wait at the center of your workstation, and a conveyor belt carries past the zombies’ toppings of choice, including various vital organs. Top a pizza, and flick it through the door, taking care to keep to the patterns outlined in your cookbook. Survive until dawn, and walk home a rich man. Fail to provide adequate pizza, and the zombies will come in and eat whoever else is available.

Add in leaderboards and achievements from OpenFeint, and Zombie Pizza is well worth checking out for free. Isn’t it lucky that you can do that today?

Grab Zombie Pizza from the App Store, right here. Zombie Pizza

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