FreeAppADay for 09/26/10: Pig Rush

Sun, Sep 26, 2010

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Today’s free iPhone app at is Pig Rush, from ReignDesign.

Pig Rush is another in a long line of “survival” games, that challenge you to run as far as you can without dying. Your pig will forever travel towards the right, and you’ll simply be able to tap on the screen to make him jump over ravines and obstacles. You’ll tap once on the screen to make him jump either high or low (the higher or lower you tap on the screen, respectively), and you can double tap to make him double-jump, which is essential for crossing some larger gaps.

The game contains bonus objects that can be claimed by simply jumping into them. You’ll earn bonus points for doing so, and your score will continually climb as you keep moving towards the right.

You’ll be able to earn achievements through the game’s OpenFeint integration, along with tracking your high score on the game’s local and global high score lists (either daily, weekly or all-time ratings). You can challenge a friend to bear your high score through email, or tweet your high score through Twitter.

Additionally, you can turn this app into a Christmas-themed version by simply shaking your iPhone at the main menu until you hear sleigh bells and see snow flakes. This will unlock “Reindeer Rush,” allowing you to play as a reindeer instead of a pig.

Make sure to download Pig Rush while the game is free today.

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