FreeAppADay for 09/25/10: Star Dunk

Sat, Sep 25, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

Today’s free iPhone app at is Star Dunk, from Godzilab.

The game is, at its most basic, a massively multiplayer online basketball game. You’ll play in timed online competitions against players from all around the world, as you aim to earn the most points possible in a game of space basketball. You’ll tap and hold on the ball to be shown a trajectory towards the hoop, which moves after every shot, and letting go of the ball allows it to shoot.

Obviously, if your ball goes in you earn points, but if you happen to hit the backboard and bounce off, that can be good in its own right, as the backboard is separated into multiple sections that light up when hit. When all sections have been lit, you’ll earn a power-up, like a multi-ball shot, allowing you to shoot four balls at the basket at one time, earning some massive points in multiple balls actually go into the hoop.

As you play, you’ll earn awards and unlock more than 15 different kinds of balls, each with their own unique capabilities. The game’s Plus+ integration allows for you to add your friends to the game and play against them online, while you can also track your scores across the global leaderboards.

Make sure to download Star Dunk while the game is free today.

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