FreeAppADay for 09/23/10: Cannon Cadets

Thu, Sep 23, 2010

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Today’s free iPhone app at is Cannon Cadets, from XMG Studios Inc.

The game follows the story of a little monkey named Gordo, who was experimented on relentlessly by a group of greedy and power-hungry scientists. The scientists latest experiment was on a new type of rocket booster, and as such, they blasted Gordo off into space. Of course, the experiment goes horribly wrong, trapping Gordo on a mysterious planet, alone and forgotten. Gordo has since used the things he learned from the scientists to build an army of small robots, and with them he works to make the rest of the galaxy as miserable as he was.

In comes RocketBoy, who has his own “army” of sorts called the Cannon Cadets. You will play as RocketBoy, as you free his friends from the grasps of Gordo, and work through the game’s 80 levels restoring the beauty of the planets and showing Gordo how to have fun again.

The game itself can be most easily compared to Angry Birds, and will see you launching Cannon Cadets out of cannons at structures guarded by Gordo’s robots. Each level has a cage that must also be broken into, releasing one RocketBoy’s trapped friends. You only have a certain number of Cadets with which to destroy the structure, so the aim and power of your shots are incredibly important.

The game contains three other playable characters, RocketGirl, Pop and Granati, and hidden bonus levels, with the entire game taking place across four different planets.

Make sure to download Cannon Cadets while the game is free today.

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