FreeAppADay for 09/15/10: Battle Bears: Zombies!

Wed, Sep 15, 2010

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Today’s free iPhone app at is Battle Bears: Zombies!, from SkyVu Pictures.

The game stars Oliver, a teddy bear stuck behind enemy lines, as a never-ending enemy force of pink teddy bears works to capture him to hug him to death! You’ll use one thumb to aim your variety of weapons at the oncoming pink teddy bear forces (rifles with unlimited ammo, a bearzooka, or crossbow as examples), and the other thumb to tap on the screen, thus firing your guns.

If you’d like to upgrade from standard weaponry to something like a laser, you can do so and you can fire the laser by tapping on the screen and holding down as you aim with your other thumb.

There are five levels in the game, each of which contains four stages. While they are primarily filled with dozens of pink teddy bears, faster orange bears and giant green bears will also come your way at random.

The game contains an outlandish storyline, cut scenes separating chapters, and OpenFeint integration that allows for you to earn 10 achievements and track your overall scores in the game’s various modes (survival, head hunter, etc.) on the multiple leaderboards.

The Battle Bears franchise has crossed over 4 million downloads. If you’d like to see why the games are so popular, make sure to download the game today.

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