FreeAppADay for 09/13/10: The Glowing Void

Mon, Sep 13, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

Today’s free iPhone app at is the Glowing Void, from Assyria Game Studio.

The basic premise of the Glowing Void will see you touching and holding your finger on the iPhone’s screen to begin the development of an ever growing, glowing orb. After you let go, the orb stops growing, and gravity takes the orb to the bottom of the screen. A bouncing ball is moving throughout the environment, and you have to make sure to that you avoid this ball as you grow the orb.

Once the orb is completed, the ball can bounce off of and into it without consequence, so the challenge here is to create as large of orbs as possible without running into the bouncing ball while you are creating them. Strategy comes into play in that you can tilt your iPhone, or flip it over entirely to change the gravity, and can even trap the bouncing ball in the bottom of the screen, and safely away from your developing orbs.

In the game’s Filler Mode, your task will be to fill at least 70% of the screen with glowing orbs, whether that be a single orb, or many. In Avoidance mode, the ability for the red ball to bounce into your orbs goes away, as that is actually the goal of the gameplay mode – tilt your iPhone in all directions to move the glowing orb around the screen and avoid the red ball for as long as possible (the longer you survive, the faster the red ball moves – you have three lives to get a high score).

Finally, Burst mode is all about reaching a high score, as your orbs will eventually fade away after being created, allowing you to create even more orbs in their place; again, while avoiding the red ball when creating the orbs, just as in Filler mode.

The game features integration with Agon Online, which supports high score tables, and offers Twitter and Facebook connectivity, so you can share your progress with friends. Make sure to download this one while it’s free today.

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