FreeAppADay for 08/21/10: Galcon Labs

Sat, Aug 21, 2010

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Today’s free iPhone app at is Galcon Labs, from Phil Hassey and Hassey Enterprises.

Galcon labs is actually five games in one. The first is Classic, allowing you to learn the basic gameplay at your leisure. You’ll have a home planet that will forever be producing new ships, and so will your enemy. You’ll tap on your home planet, which is green, and drag your finger to one of the many neutral, or gray, planets on the field. As each planet has a number on it, you’ll need to replace the amount of neutral ships indicated by the number with your own so that you can claim the planet for your own. The ultimate goal is to generate enough ships necessary to take over the enemies home planet and any they’ve accumulated during the match, which are represented as orange on the map.

For the other gameplay modes, Billiards offers moving planets, while the Classic mode is entirely stationary. Stealth mode turns some of the enemy ship invisible, so you’d have to wait until they infiltrate a neutral planet, or even one of your own, before you can retaliate appropriately. Crash mode adds a real-time battle to the mix, as ships fight each other mid-flight, allowing you to defeat the enemy, or be defeated without even touching planets, if you got lucky. Finally, Assassin mode assigns each player a target that they need to eliminate in that round. The first to do so wins the round.

Galcon Labs contains either single-player offline modes against a computer opponent, or real-time online multiplayer. Each individual mission has its own online leaderboard, allowing you to track your stats, and you can choose from multiple difficulty levels to customize the gameplay to your own skill level.

Make sure to download Galcon Labs while the game is free today.

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