FreeAppADay for 08/13/10: Starship Defense

Fri, Aug 13, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

Today’s free iPhone app at is Starship Defense, from Blue Wind.

In Starship Defense, the planet Barukan, due to its orbit, crashed into another minor planet, killing all by a few surviving citizens. In the year 2077, they discover Earth and its many resources and decide to invade to claim the planet for their own. The game is a combination of an RTS (real time strategy game) and a shooter, asking you to use the Starship (a science crystal on Earth) to stop the invading army.

To play, you’ll find yourself surrounded by enemies and will have to tap on a particular enemy to cause your shop to focus its attack on it. You can swap out your available weapons on the fly, by tapping on their icons on the right side of the screen. These weapons come from a factory, as do new ships that you can drag and drop from the factory onto the location you want in order to add to your forces.

Each ship can be upgraded up to seven times, and you can even recover their HP by tapping on them and selecting “repair.” The game contains both local and online leaderboards, allowing you to track your progress both with players in your own country, and with those around the world.

Make sure to download Starship Defense while the game is free today.

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