FreeAppADay for 08/07/10: Civilization Revolution

Sat, Aug 7, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

Today’s free iPhone app at is Civilization Revolution, from 2K Games.

If you’re familiar with the PC series of Civilization games, this mobile version contains the same ideology – “Build. Discover. Conquer.” You’ll be able to begin a civilization shortly after the dawn of man, and lead them through to the modern era. On the way, you’ll go head to head against some of history’s greatest leaders, either waging war with them to conquer neighboring villages and countries, or using your growing power to discover and develop new technologies.

The game contains the same ability to choose a victory path, just as the PC versions do. Here, you can choose from a Military victory, or Cultural, Economic or Scientific. There are 16 different starter civilizations to choose from, including America, Spain, Japan, China, and Germany. You can choose to play on various difficulty levels, either using the help of an integrated tutorial and advisors or choosing to go alone.

With the game’s touch based controls, you’ll be able to drag your units around the map, pinch to zoom, and scroll around the map by flicking your finger. You can even upgrade your military units by combining up to three of them into one larger, powerful unit.

Civilization Revolution is normally $6.99, and thanks to FreeAppADay, will be free for a “limited time.” Make sure to download the game for free while you still can.

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