FreeAppADay for 08/03/10: Luxor

Tue, Aug 3, 2010

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Today’s free iPhone app at is Luxor, from MumboJumbo.

Second to perhaps only PopCap’s Zuma, Luxor dominates the world of the “match-three marble shooter.” For those familiar with the former, Luxor is essentially Zuma, but with your launching platform located along the very bottom of the screen, rather than somewhere in the middle.

The gameplay here is a standard port of the game’s PC versions. A set number of marble chains will launch during each level, and you can move your launching platform left and right by dragging it across the bottom of the screen – tap on it to release a marble.

Match three or more like-colored marbles on the chain and they explode, decreasing the size of the chain. The goal, then, is to destroy all of the chains before they reach the end of their set winding path, which would mean a game over for you.

Luxor on the iPhone contains the power-ups that you’d expect from the series – Lightning Bolts that destroy a small width of marbles, Reverse and Slow power-ups that either reverse the chain’s movement or temporarily slow its progress, Wildballs that can match with any colored marble and so on.

Bonuses appear when you make explosion chains, or when you remove a string of marbles altogether, which give you bonus points, and you can earn “achievements” by performing well in the game’s 88 levels, thanks to the title’s Plus+ network integration (which includes the ability to challenge friends via Facebook or Twitter).

Make sure to download Luxor while it’s free today.

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