FreeAppADay for 07/28/10: Blackout!

Wed, Jul 28, 2010

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Today’s free iPhone app at is Blackout!, from Disney.

The game sees you in charge of returning light to portions of the city that have been without power for too long. In the game’s Power Mode, you’ll be shown a grid that looks very much like Bejeweled or another match-three puzzler, but the gameplay actually behaves differently.

Here, you’ll first have to find a detonator piece, and will then be able to drag your finger from the detonator to at least three matching gems (they must be connecting, but needn’t be in a straight line) to destroy them. Destroy enough gems and you’ll create a path for the electricity to flow to repower the city.

In Light Mode, the gameplay is essentially the same, except your focus is on speed, and therefore you can destroy a single gem at a time, rather than needing to find groups of three or more matching gems.

Finally, the Eternal Mode challenges you with keeping the light on for as long as you can, without letting the city fall back into complete darkness.

Power-ups in the form of crystals can be destroyed as well, like a red bomb that destroys nearby objects, a green crystal that resets your time, a blue crystal that randomizes the board’s layout, and a yellow crystal that eliminates obstacles in your path.

Blackout! contains 55 levels, and will be free for today only – make sure you download your copy while you can. Update: The App is now free.

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