FreeAppADay for 07/16/10: Bowman Attack

Fri, Jul 16, 2010

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Today’s free iPhone app at is Bowman Attack, from Triniti Interactive Limited.

Bowman Attack is the sequel to Bowman Defense, and can be most easily described as a turn-based strategy RPG. The story sees the King of the White Kingdom holding a contest to find the strongest warriors in the land. Men are summoned from all around the kingdom, and they (you) will fight for a chance at glory.

Gameplay itself sees you shooting arrows at your enemies by first aiming and choosing the power of your shot. You must take wind speed and direction into account, as the wind will affect your arrow while it’s in the air.

The game contains four playable characters, each with their own unique abilities and attributes, along with the ability to assign your skill points to various aspects of your warrior, in orde to create a customized character. There are 15 weapons to choose from, 10 items with varying effects, and 15 different battlefields (gameplay locations).

In addition to the basic story  mode, you can also take part in free play mode, which contains the ability for 1-4 play pass-and-play (that is, up to four people can play on a single iPhone, so long as they are local and can pass the device between each person).

Here’s a gameplay video to show you what to expect from the game – if you like it, make sure to download the game from the iTunes App Store while it’s free today.

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