FreeAppADay for 07/11/10: Tweet Defense

Sun, Jul 11, 2010

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Today’s free iPhone app at is Tweet Defense, from Promethium Marketing Group.

For starters, you do not have to have a Twitter account to download and play TweetDefense, but it does help. The title is a tower defense game that takes you through ten different levels and sees you doing combat against five different enemies, with zombies being but one example.

You’ll create towers on the different maps to try and stop your enemies from getting from point A to point B, as in any other tower defense game, but here, your towers vary in strength, abilities and cost, and your Twitter account stats will positively impact your defensive capabilities.

Once you sign in with your Twitter account, the app pulls in your data, with the more friends you have on Twitter equating to a hire rate of fire on your tower’s weapons. The more followers you have, the more range your towers will have. Finally, the more tweets you have in total, the more damage you’ll do overall.

OpenFeint integration supports online leaderboards and the earning of achievements, and to further the social networking integration, a “Booster” tower can be placed on the field that uses a selected Twitter celebrity to boost your own towers’ stats.

Whether you have a Twitter account or not, if you like tower defense games, remember to download Tweet Defense while it’s free today.

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