FreeAppADay for 06/20/10: Tilt to Live

Sun, Jun 20, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

Today’s free iPhone app at is Tilt to Live, from One Man Left.

The title of the game explains how you’ll play it. You’ll control a small arrow on a screen that is forever being filled with red dots. You’ll have to tilt your device in order to control your arrow’s movements, which are normally focused on getting to and subsequently setting off one of power-ups that you’ll find floating around the gameplay area.

The power-ups are set off instantly after you touch them, and see your arrow transforming into a buzzsaw, slicing through enemy red dots, unleashed glacial ice bursts, causing explosions, setting of homing missiles and more, all with the goal of keeping you alive just a few seconds longer, before the ever-increasing population of red dots can do you in.

The dots will either come for you individually, or they may form patterns or shapes like straight lines or red arrows to come after you, thus narrowing your chance of escape.

There are five super-weapons available in the game, and three different gameplay modes (including Gauntlet mode), along with 44 different Award Challenges, which are powered by AGON Online integration. AGON Online also allows for online leaderboards and high score tracking, friends lists, player profiles, and Facebook and Twitter integration.

If Tilt to Live sounds interesting to you, make sure to download it while it’s free today.

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