FreeAppADay for 06/10/10: N.Y. Zombies

Thu, Jun 10, 2010

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Today’s free iPhone app at is N.Y. Zombies, from Foursaken Media. The game sees you trapped as a survivor in a New York City overrun by zombies. You’ll travel throughout the area – underground subways, city streets, mountain caves, abandoned suburbs, and so on – dragging your finger across the screen to change your viewpoint and tapping on zombies to shoot them.

You’ll come across other survivors as you play, and to give you a better chance at saving them, you’ll be able to switch between up to six currently equipped weapons and abilities (mini-gun, shotgun, proximity mines, medkits, machete, chainsaw and more – for a total of 20 different items to choose from). The game’s story mode contains 20 levels, or you can take on Endless mode, to see how long you can survive against the zombie scourge.

There are eleven different enemy types ranging from cop zombies and slow, fat zombies to those zombies that stand more than ten feet tall, and as you go along you’ll be able to unlock the game’s 20 different achievements and track your scores on the global online leaderboards.

If the game sounds interesting to you, make sure you head over to iTunes to download it while it’s still free today. Here’s a video of the game in action if you’d like to see just what to expect.

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