FreeAppADay for 06/08/10: Mirror Maze

Tue, Jun 8, 2010

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Today’s free iPhone app at is Mirror Maze, from Assyria Game Studio.

The game is a puzzle based maze game, that sees you controlling not one, but ultimately two gray marbles in each level. To play Mirror Maze, you’ll have to get used to the concept that your iPhone, when held horizontally, has been split into two sections, also horizontally, creating a gameplay space at the top, and an independent space across the bottom.

Once you’re in that mindset, you’ll note that a marble has been placed in both spaces, but on opposite ends (that is, one marble will start at the top left, as an example, while the other starts at bottom right), and when you touch the screen in the direction you’d like the top marble to move (in our example case, the right side of the screen to make the marble move to the right), the marble in the bottom half will begin moving in the opposite or “mirrored” direction. All of your actions are mirrored – move the top ball vertically up and the ball at the bottom moves downward and so on.

Both halves of the level are filled with obstacles like walls, some of which move, warp pads and so on, and it’s the object of the game to get both marbles safely across the level’s space without hitting a wall.

Mirror Maze uses the Agon Online social network to track your high scores on each level, and you can even share your scores with friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Mirror Maze will be free today and today only, so be sure to download it while you still can.

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