FreeAppADay for 06/07/10: Smackum

Mon, Jun 7, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

Today’s free iPhone app at is Smackum from developer Bigredshoes. The premise of Smackum is simple – a loud-mouthed, obnoxious jerk of a man will be presented in the middle of the screen. He’ll spout insults and other rude musings in your direction and you’re allowed to use your quick reflexes to beat him into shutting up. While this may seem rude, the guy has it coming, and you’ll actually need to be quick about laying the beat down in order to progress to the next of the 12 total levels.

As you go, you’ll have different weapons to choose from, in addition to the standard boxing gloves (for a total of 10), like being able to beat the man senseless with a telephone, as an example. If you want to tweak the amount of challenge in the game, you can turn on either fast or slow speed modes, which will make the target either harder or easier to hit, depending on your choice.

Your progress in the game is timed, and the game will save your progress, should you be interrupted by a phone call. If you’ve ever needed a way to take out your aggression on an annoying co-worker or an evil boss, be sure to download Smackum while it’s free today.

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