FreeAppADay for 06/04/10: War Evolved

Fri, Jun 4, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

Today’s free iPhone app at is War Evolved, from Opsive, LLC. The game is a complex war game that takes place in multiple eras throughout history, starting in the time of the caveman, and ending with an advanced futuristic setting.

The game sees you battling against your opponents (either computerized, or real through the game’s multiplayer – either two devices over wi-fi or two player local multiplayer) in a side-scrolling presentation – you’re on one side of the screen, and your opponents’ forces are on the other. Depending on the era of the battle, you’ll be able to utilize rock throwers, spitting camels, jousters, gunmen, tanks, helicopters, and even space-age jets as weaponry. Regardless of the era, you can take the battle to your opponents either on land or via aerial attacks.

If you’re being dominated, you can either use upgrades to increase the strength of your attackers, or create ground and air turrets to increase your defense. Should the battle be a lengthy one, you can also save your game to continue where you left off at a later time.

If you choose to play against the computer, you’ll be able to choose four levels of difficulty, with the results of your battles being saved and added to both local and global leaderboards. You’ll even be able to compete against your Facebook friends via Facebook integration.

War Evolved will be free today and today only, so be sure to download the game while it’s free!

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