FreeAppADay for 06/01/10: iAssociate 2

Tue, Jun 1, 2010

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Today’s free iPhone app at is iAssociate 2, a word association game that is the sequel to the popular iAssociate original. In the game, you’ll find yourself presented with one or two stock words, that have something in common. As an example, you may be presented with two words like Water and Blue. As water is most commonly described as being blue, you have a connection.

From there, the words contain branches off to other, hidden words, of which you can only see a number representing how many letters are in the word. These connections can be thought of as degrees, for those familiar with the concept of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” or any other connection word game. Going back to our water example, one of the hidden words may be Ocean or Pool.

As you go, you’ll end up finding more widespread connections – starting with a word on one side of the screen and ending on a totally different topic on the other. You can make your way from movies to music, as an example, by revealing the “Thriller” movie genre and in the next step revealing “Michael Jackson,” thus making the transition to musical clues.

For those who have played the original iAssociate, iAssociate 2 offers hints for words you may have trouble finding out, and also offers Facebook connectivity, so that you can ask your friends for help and have it post on your profile almost instantly.

iAssociate 2 will be free today and today only, so be sure to download it while you still can, should the game’s concept interest you.

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