FreeAppADay for 05/19/10: All-in-1 Games

Wed, May 19, 2010

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Today’s free iPhone app at is All-in-1 Games, a hub of sorts that contains 8 classic board/table-top games in one setting. The game included are Reversi, Dots (make connect dots to make squares on paper), Roshambo (like Rock, Paper, Scissors), Link 4 (Connect 4), Chess, Tic Tac Toe, Mancala and Checkers.

What’s nice about All-in-1 Games is that the game selection is set to expand over time, with new games being added, and the overall price tag of “free” remaining constant. While single-player (against the computer) and local multiplayer modes are still being created, you currently can take advantage of the games’ online multiplayer, being matched with players of a similar skill level. The game’s network tracks your win/loss ratio and global ranking for each game.

According to developer PlayMesh, the next game update will contain the aforementioned single player and local multiplayer modes, so it seems the app will only contain these eight games for now. Still, with the promise of more being added sometime down the line, it seems worth it to download this free app today.

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