FreeAppADay for 05/18/10: Mental Maths

Tue, May 18, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

Today’s free iPhone app at is Mental Maths, a title that is a combination between brain game and calculator, that sees you performing calculations in your mind to uncover images in the “game.”

The difficulty level starts at that of a elementary school student, and grows from there, until you’re at a point where even adults will be challenged. Quick – what’s 8 x (7 +12)? These are the type of calculations you’ll be met with in Mental Maths, with incentive being given as you uncover portions of images, so that you’ll want to carry on to uncover the entire picture.

You can choose from various types of math – basic arithmetic, division with remainder, percentage calculation, roman numerals, and common multiples and divisors. You are timed, but this time limit can be adjusted until you become better at the “game.” The app also tracks stats for multiple users, if you want to share the app with nearby friends.

If you like games like Brain Age on the Nintendo DS, be sure to download Mental Maths while it’s still free today.

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